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American Horror Story: is there life after Jessica Lange?

Patrick Sproull Feature May 6, 2015

Now that Jessica Lange has departed American Horror Story, how will the show's next season, Hotel, cope without its leading lady?

9 franchise-starting young adult films that struggled

Patrick Sproull Feature Mar 26, 2015

For every Harry Potter or Hunger Games series, there are those franchises that didn't quite set the world on fire...

Still Alice review

Patrick Sproull Review Mar 6, 2015

The film that finally won Julianne Moore an Oscar arrives in UK cinemas. Here's our review of Still Alice...

The Incredible Adventures Of Professor Branestawm review

Patrick Sproull Review Dec 24, 2014

Harry Hill leads Charlie Higson-penned children's book adaptation, The Incredible Adventures Of Professor Branestawm...

Selfie episode 1 review: Pilot

Patrick Sproull Review Oct 2, 2014

Karen Gillan stars in Selfie, a modern sitcom take on Pygmalion. Here's what Patrick made of the first episode...

EIBF 2014: George R.R. Martin on Game Of Thrones, writing...

Patrick Sproull Interview Aug 15, 2014

Here's what George R.R. Martin had to say about A Song Of Ice And Fire, writing, Game Of Thrones and characterisation at this year's EIBF...

The Fault In Our Stars review

Patrick Sproull Review Jun 7, 2014

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort bring John Green's star-crossed lovers to life in this affecting adaptation

From There To Here episode 3 review

Patrick Sproull Feature Jun 6, 2014

From There To Here reaches a dramatic climax this week, tying up all its loose threads into a tidy bow

From Here To There episode 2 review

Patrick Sproull Review May 29, 2014

From There To Here remains so-so in its second episode. Here's Patrick's review...

What can we expect from House Of Cards season 3?

Patrick Sproull Feature May 29, 2014

Patrick looks ahead to what we might see in season 3 of stunning political drama, House Of Cards. Major spoilers ahead...

From There To Here episode 1 review

Patrick Sproull Review May 22, 2014

90s-set Manchester drama From There To Here gets off to a rocky start...

Happy Valley episode 1 review

Patrick Sproull Review Apr 29, 2014

Don't be fooled by the title. BBC's new drama series is many things, but "happy" probably isn't one of them...

Outnumbered series 5 finale review: The Musical

Patrick Sproull Review Mar 5, 2014

Patrick bids adieu to a much-loved sitcom in this review of the Outnumbered series 5 finale...

Outnumbered series 5 episode 5 review: The Chinese Horde

Patrick Sproull Review Feb 26, 2014

The penultimate episode of Outnumbered continues series five's winning streak. Here's Patrick's review...

Outnumbered series 5 episode 4 review: The Gap Year

Patrick Sproull Review Feb 19, 2014

Outnumbered's fifth and final series continues to deliver the goods. Here's Patrick's review of The Gap Year...

Outnumbered series 5 episode 3 review: The Goddaughter

Patrick Sproull Review Feb 12, 2014

Series five of Outnumbered is going from strength to strength. Here's Patrick's review of The Goddaughter...

Outnumbered series 5 episode 2 review: The Swimming Competition

Patrick Sproull Review Feb 6, 2014

Patrick enjoys an episode of Outnumbered that's back on form. Here's his review of The Swimming Competition...

Outnumbered series 5 episode 1 review: The Hamster

Patrick Sproull Review Jan 29, 2014

Now the kids are growing up, has Outnumbered aged for the worse? Here's Patrick's review...

Gangsta Granny review

Patrick Sproull Review Dec 26, 2013

Patrick checks out heart-warming, rollicking family drama, Gangsta Granny...

Top 10 scariest Scooby Doo episodes

Patrick Sproull Top 10 Oct 31, 2013

To mark Halloween, Patrick counts down the ten Scooby Doo episodes most likely to make you say 'zoinks!'...