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25 underappreciated modern foreign language films

NP Horton Odd List
Apr 15, 2014

A list of world cinema productions you need to see - assuming you're not scared of a few subtitles...

Just what can we expect from The Hobbit: There & Back Again?

NP Horton Feature
Apr 7, 2014

The third and final Hobbit film is on its way, but what's left to happen in it?

Top 50 scenery chewing acting moments

NP Horton Odd List
Sep 6, 2013

Can a performance ever be too loud and intense? Absolutely not - and here are 50 top scenery-chewing acting moments to prove it...

50 movie plot holes and paradoxes

NP Horton Odd List
Aug 16, 2013

Even the best films have their flaws. Here's Nick's list of 50 movie holes and unexplainable paradoxes...

We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks review

NP Horton Review
Jul 12, 2013

Julian Assange and comes under the spotlight in an involving yet unbalanced new documentary. Here's Nick's review of We Steal Secrets...

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer analysis

NP Horton Feature
Jun 12, 2013

The first trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, offers some clues as to what's to come. Let's take a look...

Please help: Bradford's National Media Museum under threat

NP Horton News
Jun 6, 2013

As part of government cuts, three museums, including the National Media Museum, are under threat. Sign the petition against closure here...

Looking back at Tony Scott's Enemy Of The State

NP Horton Feature
May 30, 2013

A 90s hit for Will Smith and the late director Tony Scott, Enemy Of The State's still an entertaining ride, Nick writes...

The successful career paths of 7 Hollywood child stars

NP Horton Odd List
Apr 3, 2013

With the arrival of Spring Breakers imminent, Nick looks at seven former child stars who've gone on to enjoy film careers as grown-ups...

Top 50 underrated films of the 2000s

NP Horton Odd List
Mar 8, 2013

Spanning the years 2000-2009, here's our pick of the underrated noughties films you simply have to see...

Mark Wahlberg interview: Broken City, Entourage, Transformers & more

NP Horton Interview
Feb 28, 2013

With his latest movie Broken City out this week, actor Mark Wahlberg spared some time to chat about Hollywood, Entourage and Transformers...

50 genuinely memorable movie death scenes

NP Horton Odd List
Feb 22, 2013

Morbid imagery abounds, as Nick provides his selection of cinema's most spectacular, poignant and terrible deaths...

Steven Soderbergh's retirement: a bad sign for Hollywood?

NP Horton Feature
Feb 5, 2013

As director Steven Soderbergh again talks about his imminent retirement, Nick wonders whether it's a sign of Hollywood's creative decline...

The top 10 films of 2012: Looper

NP Horton Feature
Dec 28, 2012

It's our third favourite film of 2011. Nick explains why Rian Johnson's Looper was such a great sci-fi outing...

Joe Letteri interview: Gollum, effects technology and more

NP Horton Interview
Dec 13, 2012

As An Unexpected Journey opens in the UK, Nick met with visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri to talk about The Hobbit trilogy...

Philippa Boyens interview: The Hobbit trilogy, Tolkien, 48fps and more

NP Horton Interview
Dec 13, 2012

With the first in The Hobbit trilogy almost upon us, Nick met with writer and producer Philippa Boyens for a chat...

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey review

NP Horton Review
Dec 10, 2012

Does Peter Jackson's return to Middle Earth, in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, deliver on its promise? Here's our review...

What did we learn from The Hobbit trailer?

NP Horton Feature
Sep 20, 2012

The new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has landed. And Nick has been analysing it...

Top 50 alternate movie endings

NP Horton Odd List
Sep 7, 2012

From unexpected deaths to last-minute twists, here’s our pick of 50 alternate movie endings that never made it to the big screen…

The top 50 underrated films of the 90s

NP Horton Odd List
Aug 17, 2012

From comedies to thrillers and sci-fi to westerns, here’s our pick of 50 truly underrated 90s movies…

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