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The top 25 80s-style coming of age films

Nick Horton Feature
May 20, 2016

Whether they're made in the 80s or set in the 80s, these are the films that do coming of age wonderfully well...

25 underrated blockbusters of the 2000s

Nick Horton Feature
Apr 22, 2016

From 2000 to 2009, lots of blockbusters seem to have a harsher reputation than they seem to deserve. These, in fact...

25 underrated blockbusters of the 90s

Nick Horton Feature
Mar 24, 2016

Last Action Hero? Alien 3? Nick offers his selection of 25 underrated blockbusters from the 1990s...

25 great sci-fi films that are under 90 minutes long

Nick Horton Feature
Mar 18, 2016

Looking for a quality science fiction movie, and only have an hour and a half? We've got you covered...

10 Cloverfield Lane review

Nick Horton Review
Mar 12, 2016

It might not be a direct Cloverfield sequel, but 10 Cloverfield Lane is a thumping good night out at the movies...

25 great action films that are 90 minutes or under

Nick Horton Feature
Mar 11, 2016

Want a quality action film, but you only have an hour and a half? Step this way...

25 great movie comedies that run for 90 minutes or less

Nick Horton Feature
Mar 4, 2016

Need a good laugh, but only got an hour and a half? Might we recommend this little lot...

50 great foreign movie posters for English language films

Nick Horton Feature
Feb 5, 2016

Labyrinth, Star Wars, Boogie Nights, Pulp Fiction and more look very different on movie posters as they go around the world...

50 brilliant screenwriters to watch out for

Nick Horton Feature
Jan 22, 2016

Across film and TV, here are 50 excellent writers whose work is well worth keeping an eye out for...

The 20 best comic book movies you may not know

Nick Horton Feature
Jan 15, 2016

From a not-seen-enough Batman film, to treats from overseas: here are 20 comic book movies that deserve more love.

The top 10 films of 2015: Crimson Peak

Nick Horton Feature
Dec 23, 2015

Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak was one of our films of 2015. Here's why...

Scriptwriting software: what's out there?

Nick Horton Feature
Dec 7, 2015

With the recent release of Amazon Storywriter, the battle for supremacy in scriptwriting software is hotting up...

The top 50 modern foreign language thrillers

Nick Horton Feature
Dec 4, 2015

Looking for a great thriller to watch? Here are 50 terrific modern examples from around the world...

Top 50 modern movie documentaries

Nick Horton Feature
Nov 13, 2015

50 fabulous documentary films, covering hard politics through to music, money and films that never were...

The Last Kingdom episode 1 spoiler-free review

Nick Horton Review
Oct 22, 2015

Arriving tonight, Thursday the 22nd of October on BBC Two, Bernard Cornwell adaptation The Last Kingdom is a real treat...

Top 50 underappreciated films under 91 minutes long

Nick Horton Feature
Sep 4, 2015

Looking for something to watch, but only got an hour and a half? Here are 50 underappreciated movies to check out...

A brief history of cinema practical effects, in 10 films

Nick Horton Feature
Aug 13, 2015

From George Melies through to Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams' Star Wars film, the rise, fall and rise of practical effects explored...

10 great Hollywood directing hot streaks

Nick Horton Feature
Aug 5, 2015

Pete Docter, Francis Ford Coppola, Rob Reiner and a bunch of other movie directors who went through a time where they could do no wrong...

Peter Harness interview: adapting Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Nick Horton Interview
May 21, 2015

We chat to Peter Harness, writer of Doctor Who and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, currently airing on Sunday nights on BBC One...

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: the best UK fantasy in years

Nick Horton Feature
May 11, 2015

Starting next Sunday on BBC One, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a genre-bending British drama worth getting very excited about...

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