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Doctor Who: the mystery of series 5's exploding TARDIS

Nick Horton Feature Apr 30, 2013

Nick ponders the unanswered questions that arose from Doctor Who's series 5 finale: what caused the TARDIS to explode, and why?

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell coming to the BBC

Nick Horton News Nov 30, 2012

The BBC has announced an ambitious fantasy adaptation of Susanna Clarke's magnificent Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell...

Top 10 upcoming British directors

Nick Horton Top 10 Jun 3, 2012

Nick salutes ten of the most promising upcoming British film directors around today

The Devil’s Double review

Nick Horton Review Aug 7, 2011

A triumph for Dominic Cooper, The Devil's Double doesn't quite deliver as a film. Here's Nick's review...

Duncan Kenworthy interview: The Eagle, 12A violence, flying blood and the British film industry

Nick Horton Interview Mar 21, 2011

Ahead of the release of The Eagle, Nick caught up with producer Duncan Kenworthy to discuss the casting and making of the film.

World Cinema: Oscar glory?

Nick Horton News Feb 23, 2011

As the Academy Awards loom, Nick looks at what impact an Oscar has on world cinema's winners and losers…

10 world cinema clichés

Nick Horton News Mar 11, 2010

Do all world cinema releases have nudity in them? Do characters really only speak in statements? Nick dissects the top ten world cinema cliches...

The Pacific episodes 1 & 2 review

Nick Horton Review Feb 24, 2010

We take an advance, spoiler-free look at the first two episodes of The Pacific, the spiritual successor to Band Of Brothers...

Top 10 Spanish language films

Nick Horton Top 10 Feb 16, 2010

Looking to give some world cinema a try? Nick Horton picks out 10 Spanish language movies to put on your to-watch list...

Which blockbuster's trailers have shown you the most?

Nick Horton Feature

Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, or Spider-Man: whose trailers have shown you the most so far?