Michael Leader

Michael Leader is a chocolate digestive-powered writer living in South London. He frequently gets excited about films, comics and video games, and has written about them for Den of Geek since 2009. He is Deputy Editor of Film4.com.

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Recent articles by Michael Leader

The King’s Speech review

Michael Leader Review Jan 7, 2011

Monarchic character drama The King’s Speech has already received much acclaim, but is it as good as King Ralph? Here’s Michael’s review…

Colin Firth and Tom Hooper interview: The King’s Speech, Rocky IV and more

Michael Leader Interview Jan 7, 2011

As The King’s Speech arrives in cinemas, we met with director Tom Hooper and star Colin Firth to chat about the film…

The Way Back review

The Way Back
Michael Leader Review Dec 26, 2010

Director Peter Weir's first film since Master & Commander boasts a walk to make the Lord Of The Rings films sweat. Here's our review of The Way Back...

Edgar Wright interview: Scott Pilgrim, John Landis, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth and geek culture

Mr Edgar Wright
Michael Leader Interview Dec 20, 2010

Edgar Wright talks to us about the reaction to Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, his viewing habits, the film's music and a whole lot more...

Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver interview: Lemmy

Michael Leader Interview Dec 6, 2010

As the feature-length documentary Lemmy arrives in cinemas, we caught up with directors Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver to chat about making the film...

Lemmy review

Michael Leader Review Dec 6, 2010

Lemmy, a portrait of one of rock’s most enduring icons, proved to be one of the most engaging films of the London Film Festival. Here’s Michael’s review...

Easier With Practice review

Michael Leader Review Dec 3, 2010

An aspiring writer goes on a road trip, and forms the basis for Easier With Practice. But is it worth seeing, muses Michael...?

Let Me In review

Michael Leader Review Nov 4, 2010

With horror remake Let Me In out in cinemas today, here’s Michael’s take on Matt Reeves’ film and how it compares to the Swedish original, Let The Right One In...

Let Me In interview: director Matt Reeves and star Kodi Smit-McPhee

Michael Leader Interview Nov 4, 2010

With Let Me In due out today, Michael caught up with the film’s director Matt Reeves and star Kodi Smit-McPhee about adapting the Swedish novel for a US audience...

MCM Expo report: The Eagle Awards 2010

Michael Leader News Nov 3, 2010

Michael was our roving reporter at this year’s MCM Expo, and here’s his account of what went on at the Eagle awards...

London Film Festival reviews: The Book Of Masters and The Magic Tree

London Film Festival children's films
Michael Leader Review Oct 27, 2010

Michael continues his trawl through this year’s London Film Festival offerings. Here are his reviews of The Book Of Masters and The Magic Tree...

Werewolves Of Montpellier graphic novel review

Michael Leader Review Oct 26, 2010

Norwegian cartoonist Jason is known for his minimal art style and unconventional humour, and his latest work, Werewolves Of Montpellier, continues in that vein. Here’s Michael’s review...

Black Swan review

Black Swan teaser poster
Michael Leader Review Oct 26, 2010

Is Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan really one of the finest films of the year? Michael popped along to the London Film Festival screening to find out...

London Film Festival reviews: Never Let Me Go, Blue Valentine, Heartbeats, Leap Year, Living On Love Alone

Michael Leader Review Oct 20, 2010

In the first of his columns from the London Film Festival, Michael reports back with five movies worthy of your attention...

RED review

Michael Leader Review Oct 18, 2010

A terrific cast, led by Bruce Willis, take on the graphic novel RED. What could possibly go wrong?

The Social Network review

Michael Leader Review Oct 15, 2010

Is David Fincher’s The Social Network, an ambitious account of the birth of Facebook, a genuine classic for our time? Here’s Michael’s review...

25 films to see at the London Film Festival

Michael Leader News Oct 6, 2010

As ever, the London Film Festival plays host to dozens of films. But which ones are worthy of your attention? Here’s Michael’s round-up of worthy 25 candidates...

Made In Dagenham review

Michael Leader Review Sep 29, 2010

The latest film from the director of Calendar Girls, Made In Dagenham lacks the bite it needs to make it something special, Michael discovers...

Marvel’s Kevin Feige: Black Widow movie with Scarlett Johansson planned

Michael Leader News Sep 23, 2010

Kevin Feige talks about the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray of Iron Man 2, and reveals that a Black Widow movie is very much on the table…

GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo Wii: hands-on and interview

Michael Leader Interview Sep 20, 2010

GoldenEye 007 may be regarded as a much-loved classic on N64, but how will it fare on the Wii? We sent Michael along to find out...