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Michael Leader is a chocolate digestive-powered writer living in South London. He frequently gets excited about films, comics and video games, and has written about them for Den of Geek since 2009. He is Deputy Editor of Film4.com.

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13 films you can still see at the London Film Festival

Michael Leader News
Oct 12, 2011

The London Film Festival’s now in full swing, so Michael’s provided a handy guide to what you can still get to see over the next few days...

Midnight In Paris review

Midnight In Paris
Michael Leader Review
Oct 6, 2011

Woody Allen's most successful film ever at the US box office arrives in the UK. So: is Midnight In Paris any good?

The deserved rise of Ryan Gosling

Michael Leader News
Sep 6, 2011

Ryan Gosling’s come a long way since the Mickey Mouse Club. Ahead of the release of Drive, Michael charts the actor’s career so far...

Looking back at Days Of Heaven

Michael Leader News
Sep 1, 2011

To remind us that director Terrence Malick’s work has always been divisive, along comes a BFI reissue of his 1978 film, Days Of Heaven. Michael takes a look back...

Kill List interview: director Ben Wheatley, plus stars Neil Maskell and MyAnna Buring

Michael Leader Interview
Aug 30, 2011

With the terrifying Kill List out this week in UK cinemas, we caught up with director Ben Wheatley and stars to discuss the making of the film...

The Skin I Live In review

Michael Leader Review
Aug 25, 2011

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar returns with a stylish thriller starring Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya. Here's Michael's review of Michael Leader...

Kill List review

Michael Leader Review
Aug 24, 2011

Director Ben Wheatley follows up the superb Down Terrace with the intense and disturbing horror, Kill List. Here's Michael's review...

Villain review

Michael Leader Review
Aug 18, 2011

Acclaimed Japanese drama Villain enjoys a limited release in UK cinemas. Here’s Michael’s review of a flawed yet thought-provoking film...

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes: interview with Rupert Wyatt and Dan Lemmon

Michael Leader Interview
Aug 12, 2011

With Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes out now, we enjoyed a round-table discussion with director Rupert Wyatt and effects supervisor Dan Lemmon...

A Better Life review

Michael Leader Review
Jul 29, 2011

Illegal immigrant drama A Better Life arrives in the UK. And here's what we thought of it...

Mike Mills interview: writing and directing Beginners, and working with Ewan McGregor

Michael Leader Interview
Jul 20, 2011

As his latest film Beginners arrives in cinemas, we caught up with writer and director Mike Mills to talk about the making of the film...

Holy Rollers review

Michael Leader Review
Jul 8, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg stars in the indie comedy, Holy Rollers. Unfortunately, his star presence fails to lift a mediocre film, Michael writes...

Jesse Eisenberg interview: Holy Rollers, Zombieland 2, and working with Wes Craven

Michael Leader Interview
Jul 6, 2011

We caught up for a chat with Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg to talk about Holy Rollers, out this week, and much, much more...

Life In A Day review

Michael Leader Review
Jun 17, 2011

An ambitious documentary from director Kevin Macdonald, Life In A Day offers a snapshot of life on Earth seen through the lens of its inhabitants. Here’s Michael’s review...

Matthew Vaughn interview: X-Men: First Class, Thor, Hollywood, James Bond, Take That and more

Michael Leader Interview
May 26, 2011

Mathew Vaughn very candidly chats about making X-Men: First Class, the mechanics of Hollywood, how he could have directed Marvel's Thor, and much, much more...

Matthew Vaughn gives Kick-Ass 2 update

Michael Leader News
May 24, 2011

As his latest film, X-Men: First Class arrives in UK cinemas, director Matthew Vaughn has revealed to us the state of play of Kick-Ass 2…

X-Men: First Class spoiler-free verdict

Michael Leader News
May 21, 2011

We're not allowed to bring you our full X-Men: First Class review yet. But we have got the green light to tell you what it's like...

That’s What I Am review

Michael Leader Review
May 20, 2011

A film produced by WWE that's got nothing to do with wrestling, That's What I Am stars Ed Harris. But is it any good?

Joe Cornish interview: Attack The Block, monster design and British sci-fi on a budget

Michael Leader Interview
May 9, 2011

As his directorial debut Attack The Block arrives in cinemas, we met with Joe Cornish to chat about the making of the film...

Hanna review

Michael Leader Review
May 6, 2011

Director Joe Wright switches from drama to high octane action with Hanna. Here’s Michael’s review of a stylish yet uneven thriller…

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