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Michael Leader is a chocolate digestive-powered writer living in South London. He frequently gets excited about films, comics and video games, and has written about them for Den of Geek since 2009. He is Deputy Editor of Film4.com.

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Rhys Darby interview

Rhys Darby in The Boat That Rocked
Michael Leader Interview
Mar 30, 2009

We talk to the New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby, who stars in the new Richard Curtis film The Boat That Rocked, out on April 1st.

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People DVD review

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People
Michael Leader Review
Mar 17, 2009

Simon Pegg follows Ricky Gervais into the Brit-in-the-big-apple comedy set-up...but did it need a little more ambition?

Chatting with the Watchmen

Watchmen - set to arrive when the judge lets 'em go.
Michael Leader News
Feb 27, 2009

A few choice moments from our time with the cast of Watchmen...

Metal Slug 7 Nintendo DS review

Metal Slug 7
Michael Leader Review
Feb 26, 2009

How the old-fashioned shooter has been making headway on the Nintendo DS. Latest evidence: Metal Slug 7

Watchmen review

Michael Leader Review
Feb 24, 2009

We review Watchmen, the most highly anticipated superhero movie of 2009. But is it faithful...?

Zack and Debbie Snyder talk Watchmen

Watchmen: meet The Comedian...
Michael Leader News
Feb 23, 2009

We sit in on a chat with the director and producer of Watchmen...but what's all this about Batman?

R-Type Dimensions Xbox 360 review

R-Type: Dimensions
Michael Leader Review
Feb 13, 2009

Blasting onto Xbox Live Arcade is R-Type Dimensions. Mike primes for take-off and surveys the damage...

John Adams DVD review

John Adams
Michael Leader Review
Feb 9, 2009

The USA's second president gets the elongated mini-series treatment in John Adams. Mike dons a wig, declares independence and sees what all the fuss is about.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona film review

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Michael Leader Review
Feb 1, 2009

Woody Allen takes his film crew to Spain, and comes back with the terrific Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

My favourite Christmas film: Batman Returns

Batman Returns
Michael Leader News
Dec 19, 2008

Gotham City doesn't need Santa Claus; they have their own man in a suit who 'knows if you've been bad or good'...

The Spirit: press conference

Scarlet Johanson in The Spirit
Michael Leader News
Dec 18, 2008

Frank Miller, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes talk about January's new superhero adaptation...

Gotham Central Volume 1 review

Gotham Central
Michael Leader Review
Dec 12, 2008

A unique entry in the Batman universe, Gotham Central won't top the sales charts, but it deserves to be checked out...

Review - 30 minutes of Frank Miller's The Spirit

Scarlet Johanson in The Spirit
Michael Leader Review
Dec 4, 2008

We've been to see some new footage from January's new comic-movie release...

The Designated Victim DVD review

The Designated Victim
Michael Leader Review
Dec 2, 2008

A stylish euro-thriller with a great soundtrack, but it was almost beyond rescuing in terms of image quality...

Flower Sun and Rain Nintendo DS review

Flower, Sun and Rain
Michael Leader Review
Nov 20, 2008

This DS reissue of a Japan-exclusive PS2 game is genius, absurd and nigh-on unplayable. Mike fills us in.

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