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Why Syfy's Dark Matter is well worth your time

Mark Pickavance Feature
Oct 1, 2015

Syfy space opera Dark Matter caught many off-guard with just how interesting its first season became. Here's why you should watch it...

Between episode 6 review: War

Mark Pickavance Review
Jun 28, 2015

Between concludes its six-episode Netflix run with yet more silliness and illogical plot developments...

Defiance Season 3 Episode 3: The Broken Bough

Mark Pickavance Review
Jun 23, 2015

For those with child safety concerns, The Broken Bough doesn’t result in a baby free-fall in this week’s Defiance...

Between Episode 5 review: End Of The Rope

Mark Pickavance Review
Jun 21, 2015

Netflix's sci-fi series Between reaches new lows in its fifth and penultimate episode. Here's Mark's review...

Between episode 3 review: Crossing Lines

Mark Pickavance Review
Jun 10, 2015

In Between's third episode, those trapped in Pretty Lake are attacked by tigers, spiders and dialogue that only George Lucas could trump...

Between episode 2 review: Who's The Boss

Mark Pickavance Review
Jun 9, 2015

People keep dying in Pretty Lake, making it much less pretty. Here's Mark's review of the latest from Netflix's original sci-fi Between...

Between episode 1 review: School's Out

Mark Pickavance Review
Jun 3, 2015

Mark takes a look at new six-part Netflix original sci-fi drama, Between, and finds it lacking in nuance...

10 sci-fi movies that are remakes or reworks of other genres

Mark Pickavance Feature
Mar 17, 2015

From Moby Dick to trading cards, we look at some of the more surprising influences behind these sci-fi hits...

Apple quietly stops trailer downloads

Mark Pickavance News
Jun 24, 2013

A sizeable change to trailer access at Apple is made without any announcement from the firm...

Gerry Anderson's legacy lives on

Mark Pickavance News
Mar 26, 2013

New Anderson Entertainment projects are on their way, as Jamie Anderson reminds us that anything can happen in the next half hour...

Bob Godfrey 1921 - 2013

Mark Pickavance Feature
Feb 26, 2013

Mark Pickavance remembers one of his personal heroes, the creator of Roobarb, Henry's Cat and much, much more, UK animator Bob Godfrey...

10 things we'd like to see in the new Thunderbirds series

Mark Pickavance Odd List
Feb 5, 2013

Mark talks us through the ten things that ITV's new Thunderbirds series must feature to be worthy of its name...

A tribute to Gerry Anderson

Mark Pickavance Feature
Jan 2, 2013

Mark pays his respects to the achievements of Thunderbirds, Stingray and Space: 1999 creator Gerry Anderson, who sadly died last week.

The utter weirdness of The Secret Service

Mark Pickavance Feature
Jun 5, 2012

Mark Pickavance celebrates the strange Gerry Anderson series that few ever saw

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level Blu-ray review

Mark Pickavance Review
Feb 20, 2012

A selection of three classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes arrives on Blu-ray in remastered form. Here’s Mark’s review of The Next Level…

Hustle series 8 episode 6 review: show finale

Mark Pickavance Review
Feb 19, 2012

Does the final Hustle go out with a bang, or is it all a con? Mark shares his thoughts...

Hustle season 8 episode 5 review

Mark Pickavance Review
Feb 13, 2012

Mickey's gang take on Ron Weasley's dad in the penultimate episode of Hustle. Here’s Mark’s review…

Hustle season 8 episode 4 review

Mark Pickavance Review
Feb 6, 2012

Mark puts on a few pounds as he munches through the ham in the latest installment of Hustle. Here’s his review of an entertaining episode…

Hustle season 8 episode 3 review

Mark Pickavance Review
Jan 31, 2012

Hustle revisits a favourite subject, crooked coppers, in episode three. Here’s Mark’s review of another decent installment…

Hustle series 8 episode 2 review

Mark Pickavance Review
Jan 23, 2012

Mark finds his faith in Hustle is rewarded by the remarkably polished direction of Adrian Lester.

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