Mark Harrison

Mark is a writer from Middlesbrough, who once drunkenly tried (and failed) to pitch a film about his hometown to a director from Pixar. Fortunately, he also has several other projects on the boil, including feature film scripts, and writing and performing comedy sketches with Cheap Craic. His writing for Den Of Geek is largely either about Doctor Who, or the question "What does Hollywood think it's playing at?" Mark also reviews new cinema releases and TV shows at The Mad Prophet.

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Recent articles by Mark Harrison

Community season 5 episode 7 review: Bondage And Beta-Male Sexuality

Mark Harrison Review Feb 28, 2014

Community delivers an episode no other sitcom could do as brilliantly. Here's Mark's take on Bondage And Beta-Male Sexuality...

UK-to-US TV imports that deserved better

Mark Harrison Feature Feb 27, 2014

Doctor Who and Downton may have been welcomed with open arms, but here are the UK imports to the US that didn't fare as well...

US-to-UK TV imports that deserved better

Mark Harrison Feature Feb 4, 2014

From Breaking Bad to Quantum Leap, Angel to S.H.I.E.L.D., Mark takes a look at US-to-UK TV imports' bumpier journeys...

Are modern horror films less creative than their marketing?

Mark Harrison Feature Feb 4, 2014

Marketers have started coming up with really interesting ways to sell us horror movies, but why don't the films live up to the hype?

When hit genre movies become unlikely musicals

Mark Harrison Feature Feb 3, 2014

Does The Evil Dead make you want to break into song? Can you hum Back To The Future? Why are so many genre films being turned into musicals?

Community season 5 episode 6 review: Analysis Of Cork-Based Networking

Mark Harrison Review Jan 31, 2014

Nathan Fillion guest stars in this week's reference-packed Community. Here's Mark's review...

August: Osage County review

Mark Harrison Review Jan 24, 2014

This adaptation of a Tracy Letts play desperately wants some awards, but if Mark has anything to do with it, it won't get them...

Community season 5 episode 5 review: Geothermal Escapism

Mark Harrison Review Jan 24, 2014

It's time for one of Greendale's traditional 'last man standing' games as Community says goodbye to one of its students...

Community season 5 episode 4 review: Cooperative Polygraphy

Mark Harrison Review Jan 17, 2014

Community bids adieu to not one, but two main characters in this week's hugely entertaining episode...

The 10 underrated film performances of 2013

Mark Harrison Top 10 Jan 6, 2014

As ever, some spectacular performances were overlooked in last year's rush of movie releases. Here's Mark's pick of the most underrated...

American Hustle review

Mark Harrison Review Jan 3, 2014

Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence assemble for American Hustle. Here's Mark's review of David O Russell's comedy drama...

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones review

Mark Harrison Review Jan 3, 2014

More spookiness occurs in a spin-off from the Paranormal Activity series. Here's Mark's review of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones...

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty review

Mark Harrison Review Dec 23, 2013

Ben Stiller directs and stars in the long-in-gestation remake, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Here's Mark's review...

Should Disney reboot the Indiana Jones series?

Mark Harrison Feature Dec 17, 2013

Disney's bought the rights to make more Indiana Jones films. Is it time for a reboot?

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee interview: on making Frozen

Mark Harrison Interview Dec 6, 2013

Mark chats to the co-directors of Disney's Frozen, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee...

Is franchise cinema mimicking TV storytelling?

Mark Harrison Feature Dec 5, 2013

Cliffhangers and mid-season breaks probably aren't the features of TV fans want the movies to adopt, are they?

Has The Day Of The Doctor paved the way for a Who movie?

Mark Harrison Feature Dec 4, 2013

The success of the special on the big screen could lead to a Doctor Who film. Mark weighs the pros and cons

Clearing up Benedict Cumberbatch’s busy schedule

Mark Harrison Feature Oct 29, 2013

Star Wars? Sherlock? Doctor Who? The Imitation Game? We dig through Benedict Cumberbatch rumours to find out what he's actually up to.

Toy Story Of Terror! spoiler-free review

Mark Harrison Review Oct 18, 2013

Mark takes a spoiler-free look at Pixar's Toy Story Of Terror!, airing on Sky Movies in the UK on the 27th of October...

Sunshine On Leith review

Mark Harrison Review Oct 8, 2013

Dexter Fletcher directs the unapologetically breezy musical Sunshine On Leith. Mark explains why it's the perfect accompaniment to Filth...