Mark Harrison

Mark is a writer from Middlesbrough, who once drunkenly tried (and failed) to pitch a film about his hometown to a director from Pixar. Fortunately, he also has several other projects on the boil, including feature film scripts, and writing and performing comedy sketches with Cheap Craic. His writing for Den Of Geek is largely either about Doctor Who, or the question "What does Hollywood think it's playing at?" Mark also reviews new cinema releases and TV shows at The Mad Prophet.

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Recent articles by Mark Harrison

Doctor Who: what next for the Daleks?

Mark Harrison Feature Sep 6, 2012

Mark ponders what the Daleks' most recent appearance means for the future of Doctor Who's pepper-pot villains...

Interview with a henchman: celebrating foolish minor villains in action cinema

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 14, 2012

Henchmen are a staple of the action genre, but what’s it like to play one? We caught up with Mark Tindle, who’s beaten up by Luke Goss in Interview With A Hitman, to find out…

Brave press conference: Pixar discusses the making of the film

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 9, 2012

In the last of our interviews in the run up to Brave’s UK release, Mark brings us a report from its June press conference...

Brave: interviews with Kelly MacDonald, Robbie Coltrane and Kevin McKidd

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 8, 2012

In the latest of our series of interviews ahead of Brave’s UK release, Mark caught up with the Pixar movie’s cast for a round-table chat

Tia Kratter interview: Brave’s art direction, Monsters Inc and more

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 8, 2012

In the second of our interviews with the makers of Brave, we talk to art director Tia Kratter about the movie, Monsters Inc, and much more…

Mark Andrews and Katherine Sarafian interview: on making Brave

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 6, 2012

With the UK release of Brave imminent, we met with director Mark Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian...

Skyfall trailer analysis

Mark Harrison Feature Aug 1, 2012

The latest trailer for Skyfall landed yesterday, so what have we learned? Resident Bond expert Mark’s been having a look...

Looking back at The Dark Knight

Mark Harrison Feature Jul 17, 2012

With the release of The Dark Knight just around the corner, here's Mark's look back at the 2008 masterpiece, The Dark Knight...

Comparing The Amazing Spider-Man with Spider-Man

Mark Harrison Feature Jul 13, 2012

It’s just over 10 years since Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie, so how does Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man compare? Mark takes a look…

Looking back at Batman Begins

Mark Harrison Feature Jul 12, 2012

Ahead of the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Mark heads back to where Christopher Nolan’s trilogy started – 2005’s Batman Begins…

Brave review

Mark Harrison Review Jun 11, 2012

Pixar ploughs into new territory with Brave. So how does it compare to the studio’s previous films? Mark finds out…

What did we learn from the Skyfall trailer?

Mark Harrison Feature May 22, 2012

Mark dissects what the first Skyfall teaser trailer can tell us about the next instalment in the Bond series...

Doctor Who: The Face Of Evil DVD review

Doctor Who: The Face Of Evil
Mark Harrison Review Mar 6, 2012

The fourth Doctor is mistaken for an evil deity in Doctor Who: The Face OF Evil…

Are young cinema audiences ruining The Woman In Black?

Mark Harrison News Feb 16, 2012

Did a six second cut to The Woman In Black attract an audience that simply wasn't up to the task of watching it in a cinema?

The underrated film performances of 2011

Mark Harrison Odd List Jan 3, 2012

Who failed to get the attention they deserved among the more recognised turns of 2011? Here’s Mark’s pick of last year’s most underrated performances…

Top 10 films of 2011: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
Mark Harrison Top 10 Dec 23, 2011

A film from which few were expecting much turned into one of the blockbuster treats of 2011. Mark salutes Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes...

Top 10 films of 2011: Captain America: The First Avenger

Mark Harrison Top 10 Dec 20, 2011

It’s our seventh favourite movie of 2011. Here’s Mark to explain why Captain America: The First Avenger was such a great superhero film…

Top 10 films of 2011: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Mark Harrison Top 10 Dec 19, 2011

It’s the first in our run-down of 2011’s ten finest films. Here’s Mark to explain why Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 deserves so much praise…

Is 3D getting better, and what does it add to the movie watching experience?

Mark Harrison News Dec 5, 2011

As Hugo aims to enchant audiences with a 3D story about the birth of cinema, Mark wonders whether 3D’s improving, and exactly what it adds to our experience…

10 possible Doctors for David Yates' Doctor Who movie

Mark Harrison Odd List Nov 15, 2011

While speculation rages about how much substance there is to talk of a big screen Doctor Who movie, we've decided to offer our casting services...