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Raiders! The Making Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made review

Jules-Pierre Malartre Review
Jan 7, 2016

The story of the Raiders Of The Lost Ark fan film is brought brilliantly to life in this new documentary...

Babylon 5: 14 alternatives to a straight reboot

Jules-Pierre Malartre Feature
May 22, 2015

There are plenty of interesting directions a return to the Babylon 5 universe could take. Here are a few suggestions...

Erin M Evans interview: Forgotten Realms, The Sundering, D&D

Jules-Pierre Malartre Interview
Apr 29, 2015

Jules-Pierre chats to Erin M Evans, author of a whole string of Dungeons & Dragons books, about races, ongoing series, and twins...

Chris Perkins interview: Dungeons & Dragons, The Sundering and shared worlds

Jules-Pierre Malartre Interview
Dec 11, 2014

JP chats to Dungeons & Dragons' world building lead about the latest big event in the Forgotten Realms

Space Station 76 review

Jules-Pierre Malartre Review
Oct 30, 2014

An office drama set on a spaceship? In the 70s? Space Station 76 is a super charming comedy, according to Jules-Pierre...

Space Pirate Captain Harlock review

Jules-Pierre Malartre Review
Oct 14, 2014

Anime fan favourite Space Pirate Captain Harlock stars in a new movie... but is it worth the wait?

Frank Pavich interview: Jodorowsky’s Dune

Jules-Pierre Malartre Interview
Sep 3, 2014

Alejandro Jodorowsky never got to make his Dune movie. But he planned it. Extensively. A new documentary looks at what might have been...

Richard Bates Jr Interview: Excision, Suburban Gothic, indie horror

Jules-Pierre Malartre Interview
Aug 27, 2014

Excision director Richard Bates Jr's latest film was a hit at the Fantasia Film Festival. We chat about Suburban Gothic and indie horror...

Ray Wise interview: Suburban Gothic, Twin Peaks, genre films

Jules-Pierre Malartre Interview
Aug 6, 2014

We talk to the great genre actor Ray Wise about his latest film Suburban Gothic, the possibility of a third Twin Peaks series, and more...

A closer look at Jodorowsky's Dune

Jules-Pierre Malartre Feature
Jul 28, 2014

Frank Pavich's documentary takes a tour of a classic sci-fi film that never was. Jules-Pierre takes a look at Jodorowsky's Dune...

Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D and Captain Harlock lookback

Jules-Pierre Malartre Feature
Jun 10, 2014

A new version of Space Pirate Captain Harlock is on the way, but Jules-Pierre is yearning for the Arcadia of his youth...

Terry Brooks on the end of the Shannara saga

Jules-Pierre Malartre Feature
Dec 12, 2013

Jules-Pierre went along to a special reading by Terry Brooks to find out what's next for the fantasy writer

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