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Is it really all about Pain & Gain?

Jamie-Lee Nardone Feature
Aug 29, 2013

Inspired by the physiques in Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, Jamie-Lee attempts an aggressive fitness regime of her own...

Evil Dead, Hammer's Dracula, dating, and women in horror

Jamie-Lee Nardone Feature
Apr 10, 2013

With the arrival of the Evil Dead remake in cinemas and Hammer's Dracula on Blu-ray, Jamie-Lee looks at women in horror and, erm, dating...

Ripper Street finale review: What Use Our Work?

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Feb 24, 2013

Ripper Street's first series ends without a cliffhanger, more a restatement of purpose. Here's Jamie-Lee's review...

Martyn Waites interview: The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death

Jamie-Lee Nardone Interview
Feb 19, 2013

As Hammer prepares its sequel to The Woman In Black, Martyn Waites is writing the novel. Jamie-Lee spoke to him about Angel Of Death...

Ripper Street episode 7 review: A Man Of My Company

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Feb 17, 2013

Ripper Street ventures into the murky past of Jackson and Long Susan this week. Here's Jamie-Lee's review...

Ripper Street episode 6 review: Tournament Of Shadows

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Feb 3, 2013

This week's Ripper Street finally reveals a few of Detective Reid's secrets. Here's Jamie-Lee's review...

Ripper Street episode 5 review: The Weight Of One Man's Heart

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Jan 27, 2013

Sergeant Drake's heart comes in for a bashing in this week's Ripper Street, which welcomes fellow Game Of Thrones actor Iain Glen...

American Mary: a Q&A with the Twisted Twins

Jamie-Lee Nardone Interview
Jan 25, 2013

With body-mod horror American Mary out now on DVD, Jamie-Lee attended a Q&A with its filmmakers, the Twisted Twins...

Ripper Street episode 4 review: The Good Of This City

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Jan 20, 2013

The Eighth Doctor, aka Paul McGann, tips up on Ripper Street this week. Here's Jamie-Lee's review...

Ripper Street episode 3 review: The King Came Calling

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Jan 14, 2013

Ripper Street serves up another slice of bloody, gore-filled Victoriana in its third episode. Here's Jamie-Lee's review...

Ripper Street episode 2 review: In My Protection

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Jan 7, 2013

This week's Ripper Street plays out like a post-watershed Oliver Twist. Here's Jamie-Lee's review...

Ripper Street episode 1 review: I Need Light

Jamie-Lee Nardone Review
Dec 30, 2012

Dark, intense and adult, the first episode of BBC One's Ripper Street impresses Jamie-Lee...

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