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The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn review

James Peaty Review
Oct 14, 2011

Can director Steven Spielberg bring Herge's beloved comic book character to life? Here's James' review of The Adventures Of Tintin...

Doctor Who: Colony In Space DVD review

James Peaty Review
Sep 26, 2011

A six-part Doctor Who story from the early 70s gets a DVD reissue. Here’s James’ review of Colony In Space...

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 5 episode 1 spoiler-free review

James Peaty Review
Sep 19, 2011

The late, great Elisabeth Sladen stars in the fifth and final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Here’s James’ review of a superb first episode...

Doctor Who: Day Of The Daleks DVD review

James Peaty Review
Sep 15, 2011

A classic Jon Pertwee story’s been dusted off and released on DVD, has Day Of The Daleks survived the ravages of time? Here’s James’ review...

The cast and crew of Scarface: where are they now?

James Peaty News
Sep 7, 2011

Out this week on Blu-ray, the Brian De Palma’s gangster picture Scarface remains a classic. We find out what its cast and crew got up to in the years after its release...

10 low-budget thrillers that could teach Hollywood blockbusters a thing or two

James Peaty Odd List
Sep 5, 2011

Ahead of the release of Drive, here’s our list of 10 great low-budget thrillers that transcend their humble roots...

Troll Hunter review

James Peaty Review
Sep 5, 2011

The hills are alive with the sound of monsters in André Øvredal’s curious horror mockumentary, Troll Hunter. Here’s James’ review...

Al Pacino's greatest film roles

James Peaty News
Sep 2, 2011

The Blu-ray reissue of the classic Scarface is out today. To celebrate, James looks back over the most memorable performances of its star, Al Pacino...

Scream 4 DVD review

James Peaty Review
Aug 18, 2011

Wes Craven's post-modern slasher franchise makes a belated return with Scream 4. But has this once vital series finally run its course? James finds out...

Andy Serkis interview: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, The Hobbit, Tintin and more

James Peaty Interview
Aug 11, 2011

We sat down for a chat with the talented actor and performer Andy Serkis to discuss his latest film, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, and much, much more...

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes interview: director Rupert Wyatt and effects supervisor Dan Lemmon

James Peaty Interview
Aug 11, 2011

With Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes out now in cinemas, we got the chance to have a chat with director Rupert Wyatt and VFX supervisor Dan Lemmon...

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes review

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
James Peaty Review
Aug 1, 2011

The Planet Of The Apes franchise gets back on solid ground, with the impressive Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Here's our review...

Analysing the new Doctor Who series 6 trailer

James Peaty Trailer
Jul 25, 2011

Chances are you've already seen the new, official trailer for the rest of Doctor Who series 6. But what clues lie within it?

Doctor Who: The Sun Makers DVD review

James Peaty Review
Jul 21, 2011

A Tom Baker Doctor Who story from 1977 gets a DVD release, but has it stood up to the ravages of time? Here’s James’ review of The Sun Makers...

Doctor Who series 6: part 1 DVD review

James Peaty Review
Jul 20, 2011

The sixth and newest series of Doctor Who arrives on DVD, and it is, of course, rather brilliant. Here’s James’ review of seven cracking episodes...

The Dark Knight Rises trailer analysis

James Peaty Trailer
Jul 19, 2011

James takes a long look at the new teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. What have we learned from it?

Green Lantern’s rebirth

James Peaty News
Jun 28, 2011

James brings the Green Lantern story up to date, with a look at his adventures in comics over the past five years...

Doctor Who: Earth Story DVD review

James Peaty Review
Jun 28, 2011

A loose pairing of stories for a classic Doctor Who DVD release. James checks out the Earth Story collection...

Green Lantern’s modern age stories

James Peaty News
Jun 16, 2011

As Green Lantern swoops into cinemas today, James takes a look at the superhero’s modern age adventures...

Green Lantern’s key comic book stories

Green Lantern
James Peaty News
Jun 14, 2011

If you're looking to find out more about the incoming Green Lantern movie, then why not dig out some of the important comic book stories? Here's our guide...

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