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The Sweeney review

James Peaty Review
Sep 3, 2012

An iconic British cop show gets a big-screen make-over in Nick Love’s The Sweeney. The result, James writes, is somewhat disappointing...

Doctor Who series 7 trailer analysis

James Peaty Feature
Aug 2, 2012

James unpacks this morning's Doctor Who trailer, pondering the place of Daleks, dinosaurs, and the Ponds in what looks like an action-packed seventh series...

A spoiler-filled exploration of The Dark Knight Rises

James Peaty Feature
Jul 23, 2012

As The Dark Knight Rises brings Batman’s story to a dramatic conclusion, James takes a closer, spoiler-filled look at the film’s events...

Man Of Steel: trailer analysis

James Peaty Feature
Jul 23, 2012

As the first trailers for Man Of Steel arrive, with their sober vision of Superman and fishing boats, James takes an analytical look at what it all means...

Doctor Who: The Krotons DVD Review

James Peaty Review
Jul 2, 2012

A classic Troughton Who episode gets a re-release, and welcomes aboard a new Who writer…

William Friedkin interview: Killer Joe, the MPAA and more

James Peaty Interview
Jun 29, 2012

With Killer Joe out in UK cinemas today, we met with its director William Friedkin to discuss violence, the MPAA, and much more...

Batman: the history of Catwoman

James Peaty Feature
Jun 26, 2012

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises just around the corner, James looks back over the history of Catwoman...

David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson interview: Cosmopolis, capitalism and more

James Peaty Interview
Jun 13, 2012

With Cosmopolis out in the UK on Friday, we spoke to director David Cronenberg and star Robert Pattinson about the making of the movie...

Cosmopolis review

James Peaty Review
Jun 13, 2012

Robert Pattinson teams up with maverick film director David Cronenberg for the claustrophobic drama, Cosmopolis. Here’s James’ review...

Rick McCallum interview: distributing Red Tails and independent filmmaking

James Peaty Interview
Jun 7, 2012

With Red Tails out now, producer Rick McCallum talks about the making and distribution of the film, and the collapse of mid-budget movies...

Red Tails review

James Peaty Review
Jun 5, 2012

Lucasfilm's Red Tails, relaying the story of African American WWII heroes the Tuskegee Airman, has finally arrived...

Rick McCallum interview: Dennis Potter, Star Wars TV series, George Lucas & Red Tails

James Peaty Interview
Jun 3, 2012

We sat down with longtime Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum to chat about the live-action Star Wars TV series, George Lucas, and more...

The Dark Knight Rises: the history of Bane

James Peaty Feature
Jun 1, 2012

James looks back at the history of Bane, the villain Batman is currently limbering up to face in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises

Prometheus review

James Peaty Review
May 31, 2012

Ridley Scott revisits the Alien universe with Prometheus. But can his new film deliver?

Iron Sky review

James Peaty Review
May 14, 2012

Iron Sky offers up an intriguing Nazis on the Moon concept, but can it live up to its batty premise? James finds out...

The Dark Knight Rises: trailer analysis

James Peaty Trailer
May 3, 2012

This week saw the launch of the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. James has been digging in to see what it all means...

Doctor Who Revisitations 3 DVD review

Dr Who Revisitations 3
James Peaty Review
Feb 25, 2012

Doctor Who Revisitations 3 saves some of the best, classic stories for last…

The Dark Knight Rises trailer analysis

James Peaty Trailer
Dec 20, 2011

What have we learned from the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises? James goes through it in a bit more detail...

A tribute to the work of Ken Russell

James Peaty News
Nov 28, 2011

Following the sad death of director Ken Russell yesterday, James looks back at his sometimes stunning body of work...

Torchwood: Miracle Day DVD review

James Peaty Review
Nov 15, 2011

Russell T Davies’ sci-fi series Torchwood goes transatlantic for Miracle Day, out now on DVD. Here’s James’ review...

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