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Alternate Cover: Tips for 2010

James Hunt News
Jan 11, 2010

James picks out the five comics to watch out for this year...

Alternate Cover: The comics industry in 2009 retrospective

James Hunt News
Dec 29, 2009

James looks back at the last 12 months in the world of comics...

Alternate Cover: More Marvel Christmases

James Hunt News
Dec 14, 2009

James casts his eye over some of Marvel's Christmas stories. Are they any good?

Alternate Cover: Siege fatigue

James Hunt News
Dec 7, 2009

All the related tie-ins to Marvel's Siege crossover are tiring James out...

Heroes season 4 episode 12 review

James Hunt Review
Dec 3, 2009

The threat of the axe hovers over Heroes, and the last episode of 2009 doesn't offer much of a case for the show's defence...

Alternate Cover: Who will die in Siege?

James Hunt News
Nov 30, 2009

The Siege crossover from Marvel will apparently bring an end to some characters: but who, wonders James?

Alternate Cover: X-Men: Second Coming speculation

James Hunt News
Nov 23, 2009

The next big X-Men crossover, Second Coming, is on the way. And James is looking forward to it a lot...

Heroes season 4 episode 10 review

James Hunt Review
Nov 20, 2009

The return of Mohinder gives Heroes a shot in the arm. A big shot in the arm at that...

Alternate Cover: Do we need a Dollhouse comic?

Joss Whedon's Sugarshock!
James Hunt News
Nov 16, 2009

The end of the TV show Dollhouse need not be the end of the story. But should it be?

Heroes season 4 episode 9 review

James Hunt Review
Nov 13, 2009

The mists start to clear for Heroes, at last...

Alternate Cover: Pitching Ghost Rider 2 plots

James Hunt News
Nov 9, 2009

If Hollywood is looking for ideas as to where to take Ghost Rider 2, then James has some suggestions...

Heroes season 4 episode 8 review

James Hunt Review
Nov 6, 2009

A restrained episode of Heroes, and one that opens up some intriguing possibilities...

Top 10 Star Trek: Enterprise episodes

James Hunt Top 10
Nov 4, 2009

James picks the 10 best episodes from the often-maligned run of Star Trek: Enterprise...

Alternate Cover: Top three Thor moments

James Hunt News
Nov 2, 2009

Anthony Hopkins is the latest to sign up for the Thor movie - but what are the highlights of Thor's comic book career?

Heroes season 4 episode 7 review

James Hunt Review
Oct 29, 2009

Heroes hits the skids again, as the latest episode is set firmly for autopilot...

Heroes season 4 episode 6 review

James Hunt Review
Oct 23, 2009

The latest episode of Heroes tempers its recent run of form...

Star Trek: the DVD review!

The brand new Star Trek
James Hunt Review
Oct 19, 2009

How does JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot fare on DVD? James has been finding out...

Star Trek DVD review

James Hunt Review
Oct 19, 2009

JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot arrives on DVD - but has the disc delivered?

Alternate Cover: Switching to Trades

James Hunt News
Oct 19, 2009

Have you made the switch to Trades yet? Here's why James has had to...

Heroes season 4 episode 5 review

James Hunt Review
Oct 15, 2009

Finally! Heroes seems to be consistently going in a positive direction, as we're now up to two strong episodes on the bounce...

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