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Terra Nova episode 1 review: Genesis

James Hunt Review
Sep 12, 2011

Steven Spielberg and Fox’s sci-fi drama series Terra Nova is almost here! Here’s James’ review of the two-hour season one premiere, Genesis…

The top 10 things the movies can teach us about space travel

James Hunt Top 10
Sep 1, 2011

With Apollo 18 out today in UK cinemas, James takes a look at 10 things the movies can tell us about travelling into space...

What can we expect from Marvel's The Avengers movie?

James Hunt News
Jul 28, 2011

With Captain America and Thor now released, the emphasis turns to Marvel's next project, The Avengers. So, what have we learned about the film?

Captain America: The First Avenger review

James Hunt Review
Jul 21, 2011

It's Marvel's last film before The Avengers. So: how does Captain America fare on the big screen? Here's James' review...

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer analysis

James Hunt Trailer
Jul 20, 2011

By now, many of us have seen the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, but what does it tell us about the finished film? Here’s James’ in-depth analysis...

X-Men: First Class: which is better, comics or film

James Hunt News
Jun 3, 2011

How does X-Men: First Class differ in its key story points from the X-Men comics? And which gets it right? James takes a look...

The heroes and villains of X-Men: First Class

James Hunt News
Jun 1, 2011

As X-Men: First Class arrives in UK cinemas, James provides a handy guide to the film’s roster of heroes and villains, and when they first appeared...

Thor review

James Hunt Review
Apr 17, 2011

Blockbuster season 2011 officially kicks off, as Chris Hemsworth stars in Kenneth Branagh's film of Thor. So is it any good?

The Cape episode 10 review: Endgame: series finale

James Hunt Review
Mar 15, 2011

Does The Cape go out on a high? Er, no. Not at all. James sends one of the most disappointing shows of recent times on its way...

The Cape episode 9 review: Razer

James Hunt Review
Mar 9, 2011

James catches up with Razer before the series finishes, with The Cape's final episode now relegated to online-only viewing...

The Cape episode 8 review: The Lich: Part 2

James Hunt Review
Feb 23, 2011

There's not long left for The Cape and, sadly, it remains an uphill slog. Here's James' take on the latest episode...

The Cape episode 7 review: The Lich: Part 1

James Hunt Review
Feb 15, 2011

James has a theory as to what The Cape might be all about...

The Cape episode 6 review: Goggles And Hicks

James Hunt Review
Feb 9, 2011

The Cape's chances of a second season appear to be diminishing. And this latest episode doesn't give James a fat lot of hope for it...

The Cape episode 5 review: Dice

James Hunt Review
Feb 2, 2011

The Cape starts to run out of goodwill, with its weakest episode to date. James checks it out...

The casting of Superman: a geek’s response

James Hunt News
Feb 1, 2011

Henry Cavill may officially be the next actor to don the Superman costume, but is he right for the role? Here’s James’ opinion...

The Cape episode 4 review: Scales On A Train

James Hunt Review
Jan 25, 2011

Vinnie Jones does The Cape few favours, but James finds the show endearing in spite of - or even because of - its problems...

The Dark Knight Rises: how will Bane and Catwoman fit in?

James Hunt News
Jan 20, 2011

Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle. Tom Hardy is Bane. So what is Christopher Nolan up to? And can he make Bane work? Our The Dark Knight Rises thoughts lie within...

The Cape episode 3 review: Kozmo

James Hunt Review
Jan 19, 2011

A bumpy outing for The Cape, but James is still on board for the ride...

The evolution of superheroes in videogames

James Hunt Odd List
Jan 14, 2011

From the 8-bit days of Alex Kidd to the present, we look back at how videogame superheroes have evolved over the last quarter of a century…

The Cape episodes 1 & 2 reviews: Pilot & Tarot: series premiere

James Hunt Review
Jan 12, 2011

Can The Cape do the superhero genre proud on the small screen? Here's our review of the series opener...

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