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The top 15 film soundtracks of 2015

Ivan Radford Feature
Feb 18, 2016

Mad Max, Star Wars, Whiplash, The Falling and more, in our choice of 2015's best movie scores...

Michael Giacchino interview: Ratatouille, Mission: Impossible

Ivan Radford Feature
Oct 28, 2015

To mark Pixar's Ratatouille being scored by a live orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, we chat to film composer Michael Giacchino...

25 underappreciated films to watch on Netflix UK

Ivan Radford Feature
Oct 26, 2015

More recommendations have been added to our list of Netflix UK movies you might want to try...

How Hollywood soundtracks repeat the same old tune

Ivan Radford Feature
Jun 10, 2015

If you see a movie for the first time and swear you've heard the score before, it may not be your imagination...

Birdman, Whiplash and the sound of drums

Ivan Radford Feature
Feb 23, 2015

Birdman and Whiplash are both enhanced by their percussion-laden scores. We dig into the music of both of them...

The 2015 Oscars: predictions and thoughts

Simon Brew Ivan Radford Feature
Feb 21, 2015

Here's our guide to who we think will clean up at this year's Academy Awards, as well as who we think deserves to win...

The top 14 movie soundtracks and scores of 2014

Ivan Radford Feature
Jan 8, 2015

From Guardians Of The Galaxy to Godzilla, and Noah to Paddington, our pick of 2014's finest film soundtracks and scores.

Music In Film: Dragons and Apes

Ivan Radford News
Aug 11, 2014

John Powell and Michael Giacchino deliver two of the best scores of the year. Ivan listens to some dragons and apes...

Why movie scores sound better live

Ivan Radford Feature
Jun 27, 2014

Film scores aren't just for playing in the background any more. Ivan looks at how they're taking centre stage...

Music in Film: The sound of Godzilla, from 1954 to 2014

Ivan Radford Feature
Jun 9, 2014

Ivan checks out the soundtrack to Godzilla through the ages

Music in Film: Under The Skin and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ivan Radford Feature
Apr 24, 2014

Two very different films use strings in very different ways on their soundtracks, as Ivan explains in his latest column

Music in Film: Only Lovers Left Alive and The LEGO Movie

Ivan Radford Feature
Mar 7, 2014

Ivan checks out the music to a pair of very different films. He also sings Everything Is Awesome.

Cuban Fury review

Ivan Radford Review
Feb 14, 2014

Nick Frost goes salsa dancing in the new comedy Cuban Fury. Here's what we thought of it...

The Invisible Woman review

Ivan Radford Review
Feb 7, 2014

The story of Charles Dickens' secret lover is a slow, understated affair, says Ivan. Here's his review of The Invisible Woman...

Music in Film: Inside Llewyn Davis and 12 Years a Slave

Ivan Radford Feature
Jan 23, 2014

Ivan's latest column explores what music can tell us about a character through two new UK soundtrack releases

Music in Film: The top 20 soundtracks of 2013

Ivan Radford Odd List
Jan 7, 2014

Last year may only be a memory, but its film themes linger in the mind. Here's Ivan's pick of 2013's best soundtracks...

Music in Film: Saving Mr Banks and Frozen

Ivan Radford Feature
Dec 20, 2013

Ivan salutes the music to a pair of new Disney movies: Saving Mr Banks and Frozen...

Nathan Johnson on composing Don Jon, Looper, Brick, and more

Ivan Radford Interview
Dec 9, 2013

Ivan sits down for a chat with a composer for whom car doors and cheese graters are just more musical instruments

Music in Film: Gravity and Don Jon

Ivan Radford Feature
Nov 26, 2013

The scores for Gravity and Don Jon straddle the boundary between music and sound. Ivan gives them a spin...

Don Jon review

Ivan Radford Review
Nov 18, 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut finally makes it to the UK. Here's our review...

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