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Extant episode 3 review: Wish You Were Here

Holly Hogan Review Jul 25, 2014

Extant's extreme good looks are papering over some of its cracks, Holly finds. Here's her review of Wish You Were Here...

Extant episode 2 review: Extinct

Holly Hogan Review Jul 17, 2014

Holly gives Extant's creepy, intriguing second episode a hearty endorsement...

Extant episode 1 review: Re-Entry

Holly Hogan Review Jul 11, 2014

Holly finds new Spielberg-produced sci-fi Extant feat. Halle Berry ripe with exciting potential...

Rosemary's Baby review: Night 1 & Night 2

Holly Hogan Review May 18, 2014

Was NBC's updated Rosemary's Baby a failed experiment? Holly reviews the 2-part horror miniseries...