Duncan Bowles

Han Solo, Pierce Brosnan and Ryan Reynolds quipping
Warm Lohan feelings when Indy is whipping
All 19 versions of Lord of the Rings
These are a few of my favourite things...

Transformers t-shirts and shiny new figures
A movie collection that can't get much bigger
Cheering the way Captain America swings
These are a few of my favourite things...

Bateman as Batman and Pretty Face Eckhart
Driving fast cars to kill GTA street tarts
Bouncing and whooping when Statham's on screen
These are a few of my favourite things...

When the shit hits
When Brett Ratner speaks
When I'm feeling mad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so bad!

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Recent articles by Duncan Bowles

Exclusive: Liam Neeson on The A-Team 2

Duncan Bowles News
Feb 28, 2011

The A-Team didn’t exactly set the box office alight last year, but there may yet be a possibility of a sequel, according to star Liam Neeson…

James Purefoy interview: Ironclad, Solomon Kane, John Carter Of Mars, 007 and more

Duncan Bowles Interview
Feb 28, 2011

Ahead of Ironclad’s UK release, we catch up with James Purefoy to talk about John Carter Of Mars, the British film industry, and wielding big swords…

Ironclad review

Duncan Bowles Review
Feb 28, 2011

Horses, swords and an imposing performance from James Purefoy. It's Ironclad, and Duncan found much to enjoy in this historical epic...

Amber Heard interview: Drive Angry 3D, Nicolas Cage, John Carpenter, The Rum Diary and strong female roles in horror

Duncan Bowles Interview
Feb 25, 2011

Amber Heard natters to us about Drive Angry 3D, working with John Carpenter, The Rum Diary, and the legend that is The Cage...

William Fichtner interview: Drive Angry 3D, David Morse, Go, Doug Liman and more

Duncan Bowles Interview
Feb 24, 2011

William Fichtner has long been on the Den Of Geek heroes list. And as Drive Angry 3D arrives, we finally got to sit down with him for a chat...

Ironclad: exclusive clip

Duncan Bowles News
Feb 23, 2011

With medieval action epic Ironclad set to arrive in cinemas next week, we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure…

Sean Bean interview: Cleanskin, Bond, Boromir and Black Death

Duncan Bowles Interview
Feb 22, 2011

As the mighty Sean Bean films his next movie, Cleanskin, we caught up with him to talk about some of his finest roles...

Top 10 greatest Timothy Olyphant films

Duncan Bowles Top 10
Feb 21, 2011

We salute one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated actors, and pick out ten of Timothy Olyphant’s finest movies...

Drive Angry 3D review

Drive Angry 3D
Duncan Bowles Review
Feb 21, 2011

Is Nic Cage’s latest film, Drive Angry, the hell of a ride the poster claims, or merely hellish? Here’s Duncan’s review…

Unknown review

Duncan Bowles Review
Feb 17, 2011

It might look like a Taken sequel, but the new Liam Neeson movie has more in common with The Bourne Identity. Duncan reviews Unknown...

The 10 greatest Nicolas Cage moments

Duncan Bowles News
Jan 13, 2011

With Drive Angry 3D on the horizon, we celebrate the cinematic majesty of Nicolas Cage in full flow. And there is a lot to celebrate, too...

Season Of The Witch review

Duncan Bowles Review
Jan 6, 2011

Nicolas Cage stars in a fantasy movie with a healthy dose of witchcraft. What could go wrong? Here's our review of Season Of The Witch...

Eli Roth interview: The Last Exorcism, Evil Dead and protection prayers

Duncan Bowles Interview
Jan 5, 2011

With The Last Exorcism out now on DVD and Blu-Ray, we chat to producer Eli Roth about filmmaking, possession and protection prayers…

Luke Goss interview: Blade, Hellboy and Death Race sequels, The Hobbit and becoming a geek

Duncan Bowles Interview
Dec 17, 2010

To tie in with the release of the crashtastic Death Race 2, we caught up with star Luke Goss to chat about his film appearances and growing geek credentials…

Death Race 2 review

Duncan Bowles Review
Dec 16, 2010

Can Duncan find much to love in the straight to DVD sequel to Death Race? Er, yes. Yes, he can...

Dolph Lundgren interview: The Expendables, Expendables 2, Dark Angel and 80s power ballads

Duncan Bowles Interview
Dec 14, 2010

As The Expendables appears on DVD and Blu-ray, Duncan got to meet with the legendary Dolph Lundgren to discuss his back catalogue of classic action movies...

An evening with Dolph Lundgren

Duncan Bowles News
Nov 18, 2010

Duncan enjoys an evening with movie man-mountain Dolph Lundgren, in which the actor spoke at length about his career and movie roles...

When one DoG writer got a Saw makeover

Saw style makeover
Duncan Bowles News
Oct 28, 2010

In the run-up to the release of Saw 3D, Duncan went along to a Saw-inspired make-over. The results are predictably gruesome…

Cary Elwes interview: Saw 3D, Glory and The Princess Bride

Duncan Bowles Interview
Oct 25, 2010

Ahead of Saw 3D’s Halloween release, Duncan caught up with Cary Elwes to talk about the success of the Saw franchise and his roles in such films as Glory and The Princess Bride…

The Horde review

Duncan Bowles Review
Sep 20, 2010

The Horde is the latest in a long, shambling line of zombie horror movies, this time hailing from France. Here’s Duncan’s review...

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