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Upcoming British film cinema release calendar

Den Of Geek Feature Sep 12, 2014

Want to know what British films are coming out this month? Then look no further than our fabulous movie calendar...

Come and see The Equalizer with us early and for free!

Den Of Geek News Sep 11, 2014

We're holding a special preview screening of The Equalizer in London - and director Antoine Fuqua will join us for a Q&A!

Here's how we celebrated Walter White's birthday....

Den Of Geek News Sep 8, 2014

Here's how our Breaking Bad '#BaconBad' challenge went yesterday - and let us know what your favourite...

Letters: TV debates, Scottish independence, and facial hair

Den Of Geek Feature Sep 5, 2014

The Letters Page returns! Here's the latest selection of reader correspondence...

Come & celebrate Walter White's birthday with us this Sunday

Den Of Geek News Sep 3, 2014

People of London! We're putting on a special Breaking Bad breakfast event this Sunday for free! Fancy joining us?

See the funniest film of the year in cinemas for free!

Den Of Geek News Sep 1, 2014

We've got hundreds of tickets to give away to screenings of Pride this coming Sunday. Here's how you can win some...

Letters: female action stars, Kurt Russell in a dress, spoilers

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 15, 2014

Our non-interactive letters page returns, and we're chatting action, oil, fighting and cinema tickets...

Where to get help with depression

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 12, 2014

If you're feeling depressed, low, or worse, then please take a look at this, and consider reaching out to someone.

Letters: Sequels, comments, mystery TV show and lamp

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 1, 2014

Our non-interactive letters page is back, with more of your missives. And some of our answers...

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb - new trailer and poster

Den Of Geek Trailer Jul 30, 2014

Ben Stiller returns in the third and final Night At The Museum film, Secret Of The Tomb. The new trailer and poster are here...

Catch some more Guardians Of The Galaxy footage here

Den Of Geek News Jul 29, 2014

An apparently exclusive featurette, looking at Rocket and Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy. New footage!

Sticking up for the unpopular kids in geek TV’s playground

Den Of Geek Feature Jul 25, 2014

From Lori Grimes to Wesley Crusher, Den Of Geek's writers defend some of TV fandoms’ least-loved fictional characters…

Letters: US, Bruckheimer's BBQ, making ofs and mystery TV

Den Of Geek News Jul 18, 2014

Our non-interactive, non-cutting edge letters page is back! Here's the latest selection...

Utopia series 2: director Marc Munden Q&A

Den Of Geek Interview Jul 15, 2014

Utopia’s director, Marc Munden, chatted to Den Of Geek readers about Utopia's distinctive style, its superb series 2 opener, and more…

Letters: Star Wars, box office and cheese

Den Of Geek Feature Jul 4, 2014

Welcome to the first Den Of Geek letters page! You've written in, we've answered...

Utopia series 2 event: see the first two episodes early!

Den Of Geek News Jul 1, 2014

We're putting on a very special screening event, where you can see the first two episodes of Utopia series 2 - before they're broadcast!

Have you seen these Sesame Street TV spoofs?

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 25, 2014

As Sesame Street delivers its True Blood parody, we revisit its TV spoofs from Sons Of Anarchy to Mad Men and more...

Come and see The Purge: Anarchy with us early and for free!

Den Of Geek News Jun 20, 2014

Next week in London, we've got a very special preview of The Purge: Anarchy planned. And here's how you can get tickets...

Blissfields Festival: call for short films

Den Of Geek News Jun 12, 2014

Here's how you can get your short film showcased at the Blissfields Festival...

Rik Mayall dies, aged 56

Den Of Geek News Jun 9, 2014

Terrible news: Rik Mayall has died at the age of 56.