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A Touch Of Sin Blu-ray review

Dan Auty Review
Sep 24, 2014

Chinese director Jia Zhangke's film A Touch Of Sin arrives on Blu-ray. It's a violent and gripping piece of work, Dan writes...

Dead Sushi DVD review

Dan Auty Review
Sep 23, 2013

Japanese splatter comedy shogun Noboru Iguchi returns with killer food horror, Dead Sushi. Here's Dan's review of a proudly idiotic film...

Pieta review

Dan Auty Review
Sep 5, 2013

South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk returns with Pieta, a tough film about obsession and revenge...

Asian Cinema: The Naked Island and Kuroneko

Dan Auty Feature
Jul 8, 2013

Two classic films from Onibaba director Kaneto Shindo arrive on Blu-ray. Dan takes a look at The Naked Island and Kuroneko...

A history of Nikkatsu: guns, girls, pigs and pantyhose

Dan Auty Feature
Jun 19, 2013

Dan looks back at the best films to come out of Japan's Nikkatsu studio...

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