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Grimm season 4 episode 18 review: Mishipeshu

Christine Horton Review Apr 20, 2015

Add this week's episode of Grimm to the file marked "filler". Shouldn't things be moving faster this close to the season end?

Grimm season 4 episode 17 review: Hibernaculum

Christine Horton Review Apr 14, 2015

Grimm gets seriously weird amid all the soap storylines and moping this week...

Grimm season 4 episode 16 review: Heartbreaker

Christine Horton Review Apr 7, 2015

The days of Juliette as Grimm's meek, mild veterinarian are long gone as her character starts to really inhabit her new witch persona...

Grimm season 4 episode 15 review: Double Date

Christine Horton Review Mar 30, 2015

Grimm's witches are causing trouble and spilling blood in this week's episode...

Grimm season 4 episode 14 review: Bad Luck

Christine Horton Review Mar 23, 2015

Nick, Juliette and Adalind's supernatural soap opera becomes even more complicated in Grimm's mid-season premiere...

Grimm season 4 episode 13 review: Trial By Fire

Christine Horton Review Feb 16, 2015

Grimm finally delivers the Juliette V Adalind biestfight, and the confession, that we've all been waiting for...

Grimm season 4 episode 12 review: Marechaussee

Christine Horton Review Feb 9, 2015

Juliette is beginning to understand the benefits and dangers of her new powers in this week's Grimm...

Grimm season 4 episode 11 review: Death Do Us Part

Christine Horton Review Feb 3, 2015

Juliette is still getting used to her new situation in this week's mostly filler episode of Grimm...

Grimm season 4 episode 10 review: Tribunal

Christine Horton Review Jan 26, 2015

Grimm channels The Expendables in this week's entertaining rescue mission adventure, feat. a new and improved Juliette...

The joys of geek TV webisodes

Christine Horton Feature Jan 26, 2015

Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Grimm, and Community webisodes have given fans extra for a decade, and the trend isn’t going anywhere...

Grimm season 4 episode 9 review: Wesenrein

Christine Horton Review Jan 20, 2015

Grimm hits the ground running with developments on the Sgt. Wu, Monroe, Nick and Juliette front in Wesenrein...

Grimm season 4 episode 8 review: Chupacabra

Christine Horton Review Dec 16, 2014

Grimm's mid-season finale is chock-full of things actually happening, including much-needed development for Juliette's character...

Grimm season 4 episode 7 review: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

Christine Horton Review Dec 8, 2014

It's Christmas time and there's a need to be afraid... Here's Christine's review of a particularly bonkers festive episode of Grimm...

Grimm season 4 episode 6 review: Highway Of Tears

Christine Horton Review Nov 30, 2014

Grimm's fourth season finally gets motoring with a great, entertaining episode that actually advances the plot. Here's Christine's review...

Grimm season 4 episode 5 review: Cry Luison

Christine Horton Review Nov 24, 2014

Grimm regains some humour and momentum in this week's episode, Cry Luison. Here's Christine's review...

Grimm season 4 episode 4 review: Dyin' On A Prayer

Christine Horton Review Nov 17, 2014

Grimm is trotting along its fourth season with no sense of urgency or action. Here's Christine's frustrated review...

Grimm season 4 episode 3 review: Last Fight

Christine Horton Review Nov 11, 2014

Grimm is currently in danger of moving from formulaic to repetitive. Here's Christine's review of Last Fight...

Grimm season 4 episode 2 review: Octopus Head

Christine Horton Review Nov 4, 2014

This week's Grimm is a Renard family affair. Here's Christine's review of a twist-filled episode...

Grimm season 4 episode 1 review: Thanks For The Memories

Christine Horton Review Oct 29, 2014

Grimm season 4 picks up just where season 3 left off, with tears at a wedding...

Grimm season 3 finale review: Blond Ambition

Christine Horton Review May 19, 2014

Grimm's third season bows out on an eventful wedding episode. Here's Christine's review of Blond Ambition...