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Forever episode 18 review: Dead Men Tell Long Tales

Billy Grifter Review Mar 25, 2015

With Forever's first season rapidly approaching its end, the return of Henry’s nemesis is never too far away.

Helix season 2 episode 10 review: Mother

Billy Grifter Review Mar 23, 2015

Helix continues to tell an increasingly implausible and unconvincing sci-fi tale. Surely this won't return for season 3?

Helix season 2 episode 9 review: Ectogenesis

Billy Grifter Review Mar 15, 2015

The very welcome return of an old character is the one highlight in the abyss of storytelling that Helix has fallen into.

Helix season 2 episode 8 review: Vade In Pace

Billy Grifter Review Mar 9, 2015

Helix still isn't delivering on its characters or logic, according to this review of its latest episode, Vade In Pace...

Forever episode 17 review: Social Engineering

Billy Grifter Review Mar 4, 2015

Forever's recent uptick in quality is reflected in this week's well-written and engaging episode about a cybercrime-related murder...

Forever episode 16 review: Memories Of Murder

Billy Grifter Review Feb 25, 2015

All bets are off in this week's episode of Forever. Does the show have a massive twist in store for the season one finale?

Helix season 2 episode 6 review: M. Domestica

Billy Grifter Review Feb 23, 2015

Helix continues to weave an unconvincing tale in this week's episode, M. Domestica...

Helix season 2 episode 5 review: Oubliette

Billy Grifter Review Feb 16, 2015

Just when Helix introduces a character with personality and an actor with real potential, it's sayonara...

Forever episode 15 review: The King Of Columbus Circle

Billy Grifter Review Feb 11, 2015

Forever won't be winning any prizes for technical accuracy this week, but its character work deserves real praise...

Helix season 2 episode 4 review: Densho

Billy Grifter Review Feb 9, 2015

Helix reaches the low point of season two so far, with this week's bee and bleeding-focused episode...

Forever episode 14 review: Hitler On The Half Shell

Billy Grifter Review Feb 4, 2015

Forever focuses on character rather than plot to its detriment in this latest Nazi-themed investigation...

Helix season 2 episode 3 review: Scion

Billy Grifter Review Feb 2, 2015

Helix loses some of its usual baffling nonsense this week, which makes it a great deal less fun...

Helix season 2 episode 2 review: Reunion

Billy Grifter Review Jan 26, 2015

Moronic characters and baffling scenes aren't making Helix's second season any better than the first...

Helix season 2 episode 1 review: San Jose

Billy Grifter Review Jan 19, 2015

Virus thriller Helix is back for season 2, and it's as problematic as its decidedly patchy first run...

Forever episode 13 review: Diamonds Are Forever

Billy Grifter Review Jan 14, 2015

Forever finally gets around to a Jo-centric episode, but are we any the wiser about her character at the end of it?

Forever episode 12 review: The Wolves Of Deep Brooklyn

Billy Grifter Review Jan 7, 2015

Forever returns to tidy up the carnage left by the previous episode. Will it finally live up to its considerable potential this year?

Syfy's Ascension review

Billy Grifter Review Dec 18, 2014

Syfy forgot to add any science or characters to character-driven science-fiction show Ascension, a space drama that failed to launch...

Forever episode 11 review: Skinny Dipper

Billy Grifter Review Dec 10, 2014

Henry takes the plunge before Forever goes on a well-earned mid-season hiatus. Here's Billy's review of Skinny Dipper...

Forever episode 10 review: The Man In The Killer Suit

Billy Grifter Review Dec 4, 2014

There's a case of mistake identity in this week's episode of Forever... but then isn't there always?

Forever episode 9 review: 6 A.M.

Billy Grifter Review Nov 19, 2014

Forever's ideas are good this week, but the attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired. Here's Billy's review...