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Syfy's Ascension review

Billy Grifter Review Dec 18, 2014

Syfy forgot to add any science or characters to character-driven science-fiction show Ascension, a space drama that failed to launch...

Forever episode 11 review: Skinny Dipper

Billy Grifter Review Dec 10, 2014

Henry takes the plunge before Forever goes on a well-earned mid-season hiatus. Here's Billy's review of Skinny Dipper...

Forever episode 10 review: The Man In The Killer Suit

Billy Grifter Review Dec 4, 2014

There's a case of mistake identity in this week's episode of Forever... but then isn't there always?

Forever episode 9 review: 6 A.M.

Billy Grifter Review Nov 19, 2014

Forever's ideas are good this week, but the attention to detail leaves a lot to be desired. Here's Billy's review...

Forever episode 8 review: The Ecstasy Of Agony

Billy Grifter Review Nov 12, 2014

Forever is sticking around for a 22-episode season, and has delivered a stronger-than-usual episode to celebrate...

Forever episode 7 review: New York Kids

Billy Grifter Review Oct 29, 2014

Rich kids and murder make up this week's inconsistent episode of Forever, the future of which is hanging in the balance...

Forever episode 6 review: The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths

Billy Grifter Review Oct 23, 2014

The clock is ticking on Forever. Can it sustain enough viewers to live to a full first season? Here's Billy's review...

Forever episode 5 review: The Pugilist Break

Billy Grifter Review Oct 16, 2014

The immortal Henry sees things repeating themselves over time, much as they do in this show...

Forever episode 4 review: The Art Of Murder

Billy Grifter Review Oct 8, 2014

Forever is showing signs of life after death in this week's entertaining episode. Here's Billy's review...

The Strain episode 13 review: The Master

Billy Grifter Review Oct 8, 2014

The first run of The Strain comes to an end, but hardly a conclusion. Here's Billy's review of the season one finale...

Forever episode 3 review: The Fountain Of Youth

Billy Grifter Review Oct 2, 2014

Forever trundles along entertainingly enough in its third episode, but needs to stop patronising its audience. Here's Billy's review...

The Strain episode 12 review: Last Rites

Billy Grifter Review Sep 30, 2014

Billy still feels that The Strain is treading water, even in its penultimate episode. Here's his review of Last Rites...

Forever episode 2 review: Look Before You Leap

Billy Grifter Review Sep 25, 2014

Forever settles into a generic groove by its second episode. Here's Billy's review of Look Before You Leap...

The Strain episode 11 review: The Third Rail

Billy Grifter Review Sep 22, 2014

Abraham takes his team underground in this week's episode of The Strain. Here's Billy's review...

Forever episode 1 review: Pilot

Billy Grifter Review Sep 18, 2014

Billy discovers an odd combination of science fiction and detective genres, in ABC’s new show Forever...

The Strain episode 10 review: Loved Ones

Billy Grifter Review Sep 16, 2014

Billy struggles to care for The Strain's main character focus this week. Here's his review of Loved Ones...

The Strain episode 9 review: The Disappeared

Billy Grifter Review Sep 9, 2014

The Strain cashes in its horror chips this week by revealing The Master, and er, he's not quite what Billy was expecting...

The Strain episode 8 review: Creatures Of The Night

Billy Grifter Review Sep 3, 2014

The Strain ups the action this week, but where is the larger narrative leading? Here's Billy's review...

Defiance season 2 episodes 12 & 13 review: All Things Must Pass & I Almost Prayed

Billy Grifter Review Sep 1, 2014

Defiance concludes its second season with an unsatisfying finale. Despite engaging characters, the show still hasn't found its feet...

The Strain episode 7 review: For Services Rendered

Billy Grifter Review Aug 26, 2014

The Strain focuses on only the critical plots this week and is much improved for it. Here's Billy's review...