Laura Akers

Laura Akers is a teacher by calling and a geek academic by nature.

Andrew Blair

Andrew Blair is a bearded man, and there are other facts.

Duncan Bowles

Han Solo, Pierce Brosnan and Ryan Reynolds quipping
Warm Lohan feelings when Indy is whipping

Glen Chapman

Glen is a fairly long-time contributor to this good site and now contributes daily news pieces and the occasional feature.

Rebecca Clough

As a jobbing TV stylist, Rebecca spends her days convincing actors that their ankles don't look fat in that, and occasionally creating eme

Sarah Dobbs

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets.

Kaci Ferrell

Kaci graduated from West Virginia State University in 2010 where she studied screenwriting and filmmaking.