Arrested Development

The top 10 Carl Weathers movie and TV roles

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The mighty Carl Weathers, of Rocky, Predator and Happy Gilmore vintage. We pick our favourites of his many screen roles...

Arrested Development: more details on season 5

Rob Leane News Jun 3, 2015

Arrested Development Co-creator Brian Grazer has been discussing the timeline of the show's next return, for season 5...

Failed TV pilots that paved the way for breakout hits

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Seinfeld’s comic legacy

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Often imitated but never duplicated, US sitcom Seinfeld left behind an enduring comic legacy…

Transparent episodes 1 & 2 review

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Jake finds Amazon Prime's new Jeffrey Tambor-starring series. Transparent, a bold, human drama that's well worth your time...

Could you illustrate the new Arrested Development DVD case?

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Are you a Arrested Development fan, an aspiring illustrator, or, ideally, both? Then you’re in luck...

Will Arnett confirms more Arrested Development

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More Arrested Development is on the way, but not very quickly…

Is it worth watching a cancelled TV show?

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Should an early cancellation put you off watching a TV show in the first place?

The BBC, Ripper Street, and cancelling shows

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Ripper Street is the latest cancellation casualty of the ratings war, but why is the BBC even on the battlefield?

Mitch Hurwitz on the Arrested Development movie

Louisa Mellor News Aug 28, 2013

It hasn't been green-lit, but Mitch Hurwitz is working on the script for the long-awaited Arrested Development movie and still hopeful...