The top 10 coolest weapons in sci-fi cinema

Ryan Lambie Top 10 May 25, 2011

From imperial walkers to dinky ray guns, we run down our top 10 favourite weapons in science fiction cinema…

A celebration of the sci-fi ray gun

Han Solo
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From Buck Rogers to Star Wars, we salute one of sci-fi cinema’s most familiar trappings: the mighty ray gun…

Top 10 movie mothers from Hell

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Who are the movie mothers that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children? We've found the 10 mums from Hell...

Top 10 ‘They had it coming’ movie deaths

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They were smug, evil, or maybe just plain stupid. Here’s our list of the top ten ‘They had it coming’ movie deaths…

Looking back at Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Alien: Resurrection

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Our look back at the Alien films concludes with Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s divisive 1997 instalment, Alien: Resurrection…

Looking back at James Cameron’s Aliens

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With the Alien Anthology out now on Blu-ray, Ryan looks back at James Cameron’s Aliens, and suggests that it’s the perfect complement to Alien…

Music in the movies: James Horner

Glen Chapman News Aug 10, 2010

Recognised as one of Hollywood’s finest composers, we look back over James Horner’s finest early work, from Star Trek II to Field Of Dreams...

Alien Anthology Blu-ray confirmed and detailed

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The official announcement of the Alien movies on Blu-ray arrives, with full details of the extra features right here...

Top 10 strong female science-fiction film characters

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Who are the finest female characters in science fiction movies? Karla has been answering that very question...

The directors who took on someone else’s franchise

Simon Brew News Jun 29, 2010

It’s a brave director who takes on a movie franchise that’s intrinsically linked to someone else. But that’s just what this collection of helmers did. So, how did they get on?