Monopoly, Action Man & Hungry Hippos movies planned

It'll be genius...
Glen Chapman News Oct 8, 2012

Hasbro is looking to bring more of its board games to the big screen, following this year's Battleship film...

James Cameron reveals that he nearly directed Jurassic Park

Glen Chapman News Sep 14, 2012

In a recent interview, James Cameron has revealed that he was beaten by a matter of hours in securing the rights to Jurassic Park.

In defence of James Cameron

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 12, 2012

Is James Cameron a victim of his success? Ryan comes to the defence of the Avatar director...

Aliens’ colonial marines: a missed opportunity?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 24, 2012

Aliens was a hit, so why didn’t Hicks and his fellow colonial marines get their own spin-off movie? It is, Ryan argues, one of sci-fi cinema’s missed opportunities…

Are we suffering from monster overload?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 19, 2012

Were you frightened by the creatures in Prometheus? If not, Ryan writes, that may be because we’re all suffering from monster overload...

The top 50 sci-fi movie protagonists

Ryan Lambie Odd List Apr 19, 2012

Whether they’re male or female, old or young, they’ve illuminated some classic movies. Here’s our top 50 list of sci-fi heroes and heroines…

Why the goals of action movies need to be more contained

Simon Brew News Apr 5, 2012

As Die Hard 5 prepares to set John McClane up as saviour of the planet, are action movies losing the ability to successfully balance the stakes?

The 50 most memorable action movie moments

Ryan Lambie Odd List Mar 8, 2012

Gunplay, car chases, shouting, one-liners and kung-fu — here’s our pick of the 50 most memorable action movie moments…

The joy of reading movie scripts

Ryan Lambie News Mar 6, 2012

They’re the foundation of any movie, but they’re often a great read in their own right. Here, Ryan explains why movie scripts can be so fascinating…

Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 4, 2012

They’re coming out of the goddamn walls in the latest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines